Rebuilding Series: Branding Your Business (Pt. 1)

05/12/2021 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET


Join SBN for a two-part Rebuilding with Equity and Climate Resilience workshop on marketing and branding for local business owners by Meegan Denenberg, cofounder of Little Giant Creative.


Being able to tell your company’s story authentically is crucial to establishing connections and creating loyalty to your customers and audiences while demonstrating your business’ values. Understanding your business’ brand and the messages you wish to represent and ultimately create not only makes a difference in how your customers and audience connect with you but also provides an opportunity to showcase your business’ social, environmental, and financial practices.

Part one of a two-part series on marketing and branding, Meegan Denenberg, cofounder of Little Giant Creative, will share methodologies and best practices to business owners and leaders on how to identify techniques to tell their stories to various audiences, learn how to recognize any problem areas they should avoid in their communications, and ways to strengthen their business’ brand that highlights their values. Guests can also expect to spend a good portion of the session in conversation with their peers.


Meegan Denenberg is the co-founder of Pipeline Philly and Meta Global, parent company to Little Giant Creative, a Philadelphia-based marketing and branding agency that works with a variety of local and national companies and institutions to develop and execute custom brand strategies and events, and design collateral and awareness promotions. She is the driving force behind Creative Cities Lab, the sister organization of LGC committed to racial and socioeconomic equity as cities invert and demographics shift via initiatives that include Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship and A Dream Deferred. Meegan co-created Women Led Cities, an initiative that is a multi-part series of working conferences for women of all urban fields to come together and share ideas, tactics, and a unified vision towards city development and planning. LGC is a partner of S&R Holdings, a real estate initiative that focuses on properties in emerging neighborhoods that nurtures public engagement and local communities.






***This program is FREE for SBN members and non-members.

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