SBN’s Spring Responsible Food Partners Meeting

05/13/2021 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM ET


Join us for our next Responsible Food Partners quarterly meeting.


Join us at our next Responsible Food Partners quarterly meeting for an engaging conversation with special guest Molly Riordan, the City of Philadelphia's Good Food Purchasing Coordinator, to discuss what food businesses need right now to thrive in the future. Tune in for updates on the city's COVID-recovery response for food businesses and new efforts to align the city with food business activities, and to learn what the Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC) is currently working on, including its plans to become an anti-racist organization. Guests can expect a presentation from Molly, with discussion to immediately follow. 


About FPAC: The Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council connects Philadelphians and our local government to create a more just food system—where all people have the power to access, own and control our food, land and labor. FPAC's Good Food Procurement Subcommittee seeks ways to redirect City spending toward food businesses that are also dedicated to a just food system, supporting the health of people, employees, the environment, and the local economy. Currently, the subcommittee is looking to raise the profile of Philadelphia-owned food businesses that support community vitality, sustainability, health, and fair labor practices, especially as more and more large companies look to reallocate their spending to BIPOC-owned businesses that share these values.


Molly RiordanMolly Riordan is the City of Philadelphia’s Good Food Purchasing Coordinator, co-housed in the Department of Public Health and the Procurement Department, and facilitates food procurement from small, local, and sustainable food businesses through innovative procurement initiatives and systems change. She leads the City’s work to support a good food economy, commissioning a 2018 report on the Philadelphia food economy and co-chairing the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council’s Good Food Procurement Subcommittee. A city planner by training, Riordan sits on the board of the American Planning Association Food Systems Division and the Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association.




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