Pursuing the Road to Equity: Gender and Racial Equity Training #2

06/01/2021 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET


Join SBN and RAISE: High Roads Restaurants for a training session on fostering equity in the restaurant industry.


SBN and RAISE: High Roads Restaurants presents the second of three training sessions on fostering equity in the restaurant industry.


This second module will review implicit bias and begin to address ways to dismantle institutional racism in our industry. Through discussion and active engagement, restaurant owners and leaders will work together to look at recruitment, hiring, performance management and promotion practices. The course is led by Jeanie Chunn, Director of Engagement for RAISE: High Road Restaurants. Attending Module #2 is strongly encouraged for attending Module #3. 


RAISE: High Road Restaurants is a national network of restaurant and bar owners committed to race and gender equity in the restaurant sector. They provide restaurant management with practical resources for determining to what extent racially inequitable policies and practices are operating in restaurants and how to transform them. Visit here to find out more on their training program and resources.  


*Free with a suggested donation. Open to all area restaurant owners and leaders.*



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