Rebuilding Series: Creating a Better Employee Handbook

03/10/2021 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET


Join us for Session Four of our Rebuilding with Equity and Climate Resilience series on developing a better employee handbook.


How will COVID-19 and calls for social and climate change transform our work environments in 2021 and beyond?


Session Four of SBN’s Rebuilding series focuses on assembling an employee handbook that reflects an equitable workplace culture while promoting environmental sustainability. Many handbooks do not consider the changing needs of small businesses that incorporate racial and gender equity policies, de-escalation guidelines, and commitment to sustainability policies. In this session, attending business owners and leaders will learn best practices for customizing their employee handbook. David Elcock, Principal of Module4 Inc., will facilitate and lead the presentation.


Guests can expect the following:

  • Explore the process in creating an effective employee handbook that includes compliance, process, and content.
  • Engage in peer discussion along with a Q&A with Elcock.
  • Brief networking to follow immediately after the program.


*This program is FREE for SBN members and non-members.

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