Rebuilding Series: Making Mindful Choices for Your Business

04/07/2021 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET


Join SBN for a workshop on ways business owners and leaders can assess their business practices, discover the resources and action steps needed to plan for the future, and attentively select business providers that align with their goals.


As local businesses assess what rebuilding or building back their business means for them, how can they evaluate what’s working or not for their business, determine the building blocks they need to succeed, and work with business providers (e.g. banks, accountants, administrative help, etc.) to help them in the process? 

Session Five of SBN’s Rebuilding series focuses on these area topics. Donavan West, Founder and President of the Black Business Accelerator, will facilitate and lead a presentation. Guests can expect to learn best practices and tips from West and engage in peer discussion based on poll questions’ responses.  

This program is FREE for SBN members and non-members.

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